Welcome Note

11th International Conference on ‘Advances in Pneumology’

The roots of this annual conference go back to the old Polish-German cooperation concerning respiratory ailments in the coal mining areas of both countries. The conference takes place alternately in Germany and Poland. This year’s conference is hosted by Dr. Med. Justus Zeeuw of Cologne and takes place in Komed Center in Cologne Germany.

Target audience

The conference brings together a wide range of professionals who offer a unique blend of research competence and clinical experience. The conference deals with neuropathology and neuropharmacology of respiration and the mechanisms underlying pulmonary disorders. The areas of interest deal with adaptation to hypoxia, lung function, asthma, respiratory allergy and cough, pediatric respirology, smoking and smoking cessation, lung cancer, and others. The conference is addressed to pulmonologists, family doctors, general practitioners, allergologists, respiratory scientists, and psychotherapists. Every year, about 150 renowned physicians and scientists from Europe, USA, Japan, Israel, and other attend this meeting.
The Conference also is a hot-spot for the pharmaceutical companies to network with research and applied community.


The Conference will be host to an impressive international team of key speakers, representing leading minds in respiratory medicine. A program outline and other details are available on the website: www.pneumology.pl
Conference dissemination network includes both research and clinical institutions worldwide and medical associations.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

The ‘Advances in Pneumology’ conference is pleased to welcome sponsors and exhibitors. We encourage distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and academic publishers to join in for this event. Sponsors will have high visibility throughout the conference and can increase presence by becoming exhibitors and/or having a keynote speech on products.


Dr. Justus de Zeeuw
Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Sleep Medicine
Praxis / Practice
Rolshover Str. 526, 51105 Cologne, Germany
Mail: justus.dezeeuw@rub.de
Fax +49 (0)3222 4067671


Prof. Mieczyslaw Pokorski
Organizng Committee Chairman
Mail: m_pokorski@hotmail.com
Phone: + 48 504311891