Conference Program

Thursday, October 16, 2014
17.00 – 20.00 Registration – Lobby of the Grand Sal Hotel
19.00 – 22.00 Welcome cocktail at the Grand Sal Hotel
Friday, October 17, 2014
07.30 – 12.30 Registration cont.
08.30 – 09.00 Group descend into the mine
Lecture Chamber – ‘Drozdowice’ III
09.00 – 11.00 Session I: Smoking and Respiratory health
Chair: K. Rasche, A. Reznick, and K. d’Obyrn
Opening remarks – M. Pokorski, K. Rasche
1 The Electronic Cigarette: Benefits and Dangers (Invited lecture) A.Z. Reznick (Israel)  
2 Time and dose effects of cigarette smoke and acrolein on protein carbonyl formation in HaCaT keratinocytes. K. Avezov, A.Z. Reznick, and D. Aizenbud (Israel).  
3 Smoking and fibrinolysis in the Ludwigshafen Risk and Cardiovascular Health (LURIC) Study. G. Delgado, R. Siekmeier, B.K. Krämer, W. Maerz, M.E. Kleber (Germany).  
4 Relationship between history of smoking, metabolic and inflammatory markers, parameters of body composition and muscle strength. O. Rom, A.Z. Reznick, K. Karkabi, Z. Keidar, D. Aizenbud (Israel).  
5 Cigarette smoke activates monocytes (THP-1 cells) and affects human alveolar basal epithelial cell growth (A-549 cells) in culture. A. Holownia, A. Kwolek, E. Rysiak, P. Wielgat (Poland).  
6 Effect of caffeine ingestion on exhaled nitric oxide measurements in normal subjects. E. Marek, O. Hagemeyer, M. Ulbrich, V. van Kampen, R. Merget, T. Brüning (Germany).  
7 Frequency of sinusitis and otitis media in passive and active smokers. I. Teul- Świniarska, Z. Ziętek, J. Lorkowski, D. Nowakowski, K. Nowicka (Poland).  
8 Impact of online health information on attitudes and behaviors of Polish citizens 50+. M.M. Bujnowska-Fedak, D. Kurpas (Poland).  
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.00 Session II: Respiratory virology
Chair: A. Nitsch-Osuch and E. Kuchar
9 Novelties in influenza surveillance in Poland in the epidemic season 2013/2014. K. Bednarska, E. Hallmann-Szelińska, K. Kondratiuk, L.B. Brydak (Poland).  
10 Evaluation of the activity of influenza and influenza-like viruses in the epidemic season 2013/2014. K. Bednarska, E. Hallmann-Szelińska, K. Kondratiuk, L.B. Brydak (Poland).  
11 Stagnating low influenza vaccine coverage rates among Polish elderly in 2008-2013. A. Nitsch-Osuch, T.M. Zielonka, K. Życińska, K. Korzeniewski, K. Wardyn, E. Gyrczuk, E. Kuchar (Poland).  
12 Survey of compliance with vaccination against influenza among listeners of a Third Age University. A. Woźniak-Kosek, J. Kosek, P. Rapiejko (Poland).  
13 Incidence of circulation antibodies against hemagglutinin of influenza viruses in the epidemic season 2013/2014 in Poland. K. Bednarska, M.A. Nowak, K. Kondratiuk, E. Hallmann-Szelińska, L.B. Brydak (Poland).  
14 Compliance of the rapid test for the respiratory syncitial virus (RSV) with the rt-PCR methods in the diagnosis respiratory tract infections in infants. T. Jackowska, A. Sapala-Smoczynska, M. Grzelczyk-Wielgorska, K. Pancer, E. Abramczuk ((Poland).  
15 Growth and nutritional status in children with chronic and recurrent bronchitis. W. Umławska (Poland).  
16 Vitamin D deficiency and risk of influenza infection. G. Delgado, R. Siekmeier, T. Grammer, M. Kleber, S. Pilz, W. März (Germany).  
13.00 – 14.20 Lunch
14.20 – 16.00 Session III: Respiratory Bacteriology
Chair: A. Dubaniewicz and A. Woźniak-Kosek
17 Work-up in the Laboratory-Based Surveillance of Community Acquired Invasive Bacterial Infections (BINet) improves the diagnosis of invasive infections. T. Jackowska, M. Sobczyńska, K. Pawlik, A. Wrotek, K. Czekaj-Kucharska (Poland).  
18 Incidence of upper respiratory tract infections in HIV-infected children. E. Kuchar, M. Dawiec, B. Kraszewska-Głomba, K. Miśkiewicz, L. Szenborn, A. Nitsch-Osuch (Poland).  
19 The use of herbal preparations and dietary supplements in common cold by Polish women. K. Karlowicz-Bodalska, T. Glomb, S. Cedzich, U. Broniecka, K. Miśkiewicz, S. Han, E. Kuchar (Poland).  
20 Progress in the diagnosis and control of Ebola disease. A. Woźniak-Kosek, J. Kosek, N. Jaax, J. Mierzejewski, P. Rapiejko (Poland).  
21 Nitrate⁄nitrite and peroxynitrite in sarcoidosis, related to mycobacteria's stationary-phase. A. Dubaniewicz, L. Kalinowski, M. Dubaniewicz-Wybieralska, I.T. Dobrucki (Poland).  
22 Successful introduction of the hospital policy in a Polish pediatric ward resulted in a significant decrease of the antimicrobials use. A. Nitsch-Osuch, E. Kuchar, E. Gyrczuk, K. Życińska, K. Wardyn, K. Miśkiewicz, K. Korzeniewski (Poland).  
23 Necrotizing pneumonia and its complications in children: a report of 32 cases. K. Krenke, M. Sanocki, G. Kraj, E. Urbankowska, M. Krawiec, T. Urbankowski, J. Peradzyńska, M. Kulus (Poland).  
24 Detection of Chlamydophila pneumoniae and typical bacteria in patients with chronic cough. A. Jama-Kmiecik, M. Frej-Mądrzak, G. Gościniak, J. Sarowska, I. Choroszy-Król (Poland).  
25 The use of selected biomarkers in establishing diagnosis of exudative tuberculous pleuritis. J. Klimiuk, R. Krenke, R. Chazan (Poland).  
26 Lung mycobacteriosis in Slovakia - Diagnosis and Treatment. I. Porvazník, J. Mokrý, Ivan Solovič.  
16.00 – 16.30 Coffee Break
16.30 – 18.30 Session IV: Asthma and Cough
Chair: R. Mroz and S. Gavliakova
27 The effect of H3 receptor agonist imetit dihydrobromide on cough in animal model. S. Gavliakova, E. Kovacova, T. Buday, N. Kavalcikova Bogdanova, J. Plevkova (Slovakia).  
28 Causes of chronic cough in non-smoking patients. M. Dąbrowska, E.M. Grabczak, M. Arcimowicz, A. Domeracka-Kołodziej, J. Domagała-Kulawik, R. Krenke, M. Maskey-Warzęchowska, B. Tarchalska, R. Chazan (Poland).  
29 Specific inhalation challenge in persulfate asthma. O. Hagemeyer, E. Marek, V. van Kampen, I. Sander, M. Raulf, R. Merget, T. Brüning (Germany).  
30 Flavin7 and allergic asthma in experimental conditions. I. Kazimierová, M. Jošková, L. Pappová, M. Šutovská, S. Fraňová (Slovakia).  
31 Evaluation of airway inflammation in compost workers exposed to bioaerosols using exhaled breath condensate and fractional exhaled nitric oxide. F. Hoffmeyer, V. van Kampen, A. Deckert, H.-D. Neumann, T. Brüning, M. Raulf, J. Bünger (Germany).  
32 Influence of the water extracted arabinogalactan from Solanum xanthocarpum on the cough reflex. V. Sivová, G. Nosálová, W. Raja, B. Ray (Slovakia).  
33 Diseases of the upper respiratory tract in preschool and school age children in an ambulatory ENT practice. E. Dzięciołowska-Baran, A.Gawlikowska-Sroka, M. Mularczyk (Poland).  
34 Regulation of airway ciliary beat frequency by potassium and calcium ion channels. M. Joskova, D. Koniar, L. Hargas, M. Hrianka, P. Durdik, P. Banovčin, M. Sutovska, L. Pappova, S. Franova (Slovakia).  
35 The influence of intensive insulin therapy on the course of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma. K. Wytrychowski, A. Obojski, A. Hans-Wytrychowska.  
36 Restored HDAC-2 expression after corticosteroid and theophylline therapy in ex-smoker COPD patients. R.M. Mroz, A. Holownia, E. Chyczewska, J. J Braszko, W. MacNee.  
18.30 – 18.45 Group ascend from underground to the surface
19.30 – 20.00 Group descend to Haluszka Chamber underground
20.00 – 24.00 Gala dinner
Friday, October 17, 2014
07.30 – 12.30 Registration cont.
08.30 – 09.00 Group descend into the mine
Lecture Chamber – ‘Drozdowice’ IV
09.15 – 11.00 Session V: Lung Function
Chair: J. Hałuszka and A.J. Badyda
37 Estimated relative risk of lung obstruction in relation to PM10 concentration changes, based on pulmonary function tests results. Ł. Adamkiewicz, A. Gayer, D. Mucha, P. Dąbrowiecki, P. Grabski, A.J. Badyda (Poland).  
38 How exposition of townspeople to PM should be measured? Balcerzak, M. Ścibor, J. Hałuszka, K. Olszewska-Czopik, P. Konarski (Poland).  
39 Environmental factors increasing the risk of bronchial obstruction – selected results of the Polish Spirometry Day 2013. A.J. Badyda, P. Dąbrowiecki, D. Mucha, A. Gayer, Ł. Adamkiewicz. (Poland).  
40 Feasibility of spirometry in geriatric patients. S. Heubaum, J. Schlitzer, K. Rasche, H. Frohnhofen (Germany).  
41 Alterations in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as an effect of sensorial stimulation. Mazzatenta, M. Pokorski, F. Amicarelli, C. Di Ilio, M. Cacchio, C. Di Giulio (Italy).  
42 The impact of reference values on the interpretation of lung function in children – comparison of GLI 2012 and Polish 1998 reference values. J. Peradzyńska, A. Szylling, K. Krenke, R. Krenke, M. Kulus (Poland).  
43 Effects of soluble nitric oxide donor in a rabbit model of acute lung injury. P. Kosutova, D. Mokra, S. Balentova, H. Pistekova, P. Mikolka, L. Tomcikova, A. Calkovska (Slovakia).  
44 The influence of asthma on health-related quality of life in patients hospitalized due to an exacerbation of the disease and those with controlled asthma receiving outpatient treatment. A. Mroczek, D. Kurpas, M. Urban, Z. Sitko, T. Grodzki (Poland).  
45 Effects of budesonide on lung function and inflammation markers in a model of acute lung injury. D. Mokra, P. Mikolka, P. Kosutova, H. Pistekova, L. Tomcikova, A. Calkovska (Slovakia).  
46 Lipidomics in sarcoidosis – preliminary report. D. Jastrzębski, B. Toczylowska, E. Zieminska, K. Zieleźnik, A. Żebrowska, D. Ziora, J. Kozielski (Poland).  
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 – 13.00 Session VI: Respiratory Oncology
Chair: A. Gillissen and W. Naumnik
47 Changes in the level of expression and promoter methylation of FHIT gene in the NSCLC specimens- the search for new diagnostic markers. K.H. Czarnecka, D. Pastuszak-Lewandoska, M. Migdalska-Sęk, A. Antczak, E. Nawrot, J. Kiszałkiewicz, D. Domańska, J. Kordiak, P. Górski, E. Brzeziańska (Poland).  
48 The role of BIM-EL and BCL2-α on the efficacy of erlotinib and gefitinib in lung cancer. J. Simasi, C. Oelkrug, A. Schubert, K. Nieber, A. Gillissen (Germany).  
49 DNA repair genes and their role in lung cancer development. E. Halasova , M. Franekova, T. Matakova, M. Halasa, T. Dzian, S. Javorkova, K. Javorka, L. Musak (Slovakia).  
50 Analysis of RARβ promoter methylation as an epigenetic mechanism of gene silencing in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). A. Dutkowska, A. Antczak, D. Pastuszak-Lewandoska, M. Migdalska-Sęk, K. Czarnecka, P. Górski, J. Kordiak, E. Nawrot, E. Brzeziańska (Poland).  
51 Clinical significance of HMGB-1 and TGF-β level in serum and BALF of advanced non-small cell lung carcinoma. K. Niewiarowska, W. Naumnik, W. Niklińska, E. Chyczewska (Poland).  
52 Decreased FAM107A expression in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. D. Pastuszak-Lewandoska, K.H. Czarnecka, M. Migdalska-Sęk, E. Nawrot, D. Domańska, J. Kiszałkiewicz, J. Kordiak, A. Antczak, P. Górski, E. Brzeziańska (Poland).  
53 Low-dose computer tomography as a screening tool for lung cancer in high risk population. A. Nahorecki, M. Chabowski, T. Kuźniar, B. Kędzierski, P. Jaźwiec, A. Szuba, D. Janczak (Poland).  
54 An unilateral hemothorax as a presenting manifestation of mediastinal spindle cell sarcoma. M. Chabowski, A. Szymanska-Chabowska, M. Szolkowska, D. Janczak (Poland).  
13.00 – 14.20 Lunch
14.20 – 16.00 Session VII: Allergy, inflammation, immunology
Chair: D. Mokra and U. Demkow
55 Selective PDE4 and PDE5 inhibition suppresses immunological markers of ovalbumin-induced inflammation in guinea pigs. J. Mokry, I. Medvedova, A. Fulmekova, M. Kertys, M. Prso, A. Eichlerova, P. Mikolka, P. Kosutova, D. Mokra (Slovakia).  
56 Analysis of cellular and soluble inflammatory markers in induced sputum of composting plant workers. M. Raulf , F. Hoffmeyer, V. van Kampen, A. Deckert, T. Brüning T, J. Bünger (Germany).  
57 Neutrophils extracellular traps release during granulomatosis with polyangiitis. M.P. Pruchniak, M. Araźna, K. Życińska, U. Demkow (Poland).  
58 Duration of hypersensitivity pneumonitis at the moment of diagnosis as a determinant of disease severity. U. Nowicka, E. Wiatr, J. Fijołek, M. Martusewicz-Boros, P. Boros, K. Roszkowski-Śliż (Poland).  
59 The effect of inhaled β2-sympathomimetics and glucocorticoids on respiratory tract defense mechanisms. L. Pappová, M. Jošková, I. Kazimierová, M. Šutovská, S. Fraňová (Slovakia).  
60 Interleukin-33 (IL-33) as a new marker of pulmonary sarcoidosis. W. Naumnik, W. Niklińska, M. Ossolińska, E.Chyczewska (Poland).  
61 Formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in children with acute leukemias. M. Araźna, M. P. Pruchniak, U. Demkow (Poland).  
62 New model of airway hyperreactivity based on house dust mite particles sensitization. T. Buday, S. Gavliakova, E. Kovacova, J. Mokry, I. Medvedova, N. Kavalcikova Bogdanova, J. Plevkova (Slovakia).  
63 Correlation between the asthma control test score and respiratory parameters in patients treated in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. M. Kostrzon, K. Czarnobilski, M. Kmiecik, E. Czarnobilska.  
64 Prevalence of oral inflammation among denture wearers in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. D. Przybyłowska, R. Rubinsztajn, R. Chazan, E. Swoboda- Kopeć, E. Mierzwińska-Nastalska (Poland).  
16.00 – 16.30 Coffee Break
16.30 – 18.30 Session VIII: Pathophysiology of hypoxia
Chair: T. Shirasawa and T. Serebrovskaya
65 Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is constitutively up-regulated in top alpinists. G. Miura, K. Kato, T. Shimizu, D. Shiga, T. Shirasawa (Japan).  
66 Coexpression of galanin and nestin in human carotid body differentiating the neuronal-like cell - the hypoxia sensor. A. Mazzatenta, G.D. Marconi, M. Pokorski, A. Porzionato, A. Cataldi, C. Di Giulio (Italy).  
67 Hypoxia as a factor supporting the treatment of respiratory disease. J. Krzeszowiak, P. Nazarczuk (Poland).
68 Thyroid hormone levels and TSH activity in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. P. Bielicki, T. Przybylowski, M. Kumor, M. Barnas, M. Wiercioch, R. Chazan (Poland).  
69 Phase changes in energy metabolism during chronic stress. V.I. Portnichenko, V.I. Nosar, O.A. Gonchar, A.V. Apanasenko, I.N Mankovskaya (Ukraine).  
70 Intermittent hypoxia impairs endothelial function in early, rather than in advanced, atherosclerosis. I. Tuleta, C.N. França, D. Wenzel, B. Fleischmann, G. Nickenig, N. Werner, D. Skowasch (Germany).  
71 Intermittent hypoxia in pediatric care: benefits and disadvantages. T.V. Serebrovska, L. Xi (Ukraine).  
72 The effect of sensor location on the results and stability of transcutaneous measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide pressure. K. Górska, P. Korczyński, M. Maskey-Warzęchowska, R. Chazan, R. Krenke (Poland).  
73 Hypoxic cardiac remodeling changes cardioprotective signaling. A. Portnichenko, T. Lapikova-Bryhinska, M. Vasylenko, H. Portnichenko (Ukraine).
74 GABA(A) pathways in breathing regulation during hypoxia in aging rats. E.E. Kolesnikova (Ukraine).  
75 Neutrophils and emerging targets for treatment in COPD. M. Meijer, G.T. Rijkers and F.J. van Overveld (The Netherlands).  
18.30 – 18.45 Group ascend from underground to the surface
19.30 – 20.00 Group descend to Haluszka Chamber underground
20.00 – 24.00 Gala dinner
Saturday, October 18, 2014
08.00 – 09.15 Registration cont. – Lobby of the Turowka Hotel
Lecture Hall – ‘Sala Kominkowa’
09.15 – 11.00 Session IX: Respiration in non-respiratory pathologies
Chair: C. Di Giulio and R. Siekmeier
76 The effect of hypoxia and exercise on physiological and immune responses in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. A. Żebrowska, A. Kochańska-Dziurowicz, B. Głuchowska, T. Kamiński, D. Jastrzębski (Poland).  
77 The influence of mangiferin on impaired respiration in experimental diabetes. M. Poździk, J. Antosiewicz-Pytka, D. Zając, M. Pokorski (Poland).  
78 TNF-α gene polymorphisms and juvenile idiopathic arthritis: influence on disease outcome and therapeutic response. A. Scardapane, R. Ferrante, M Nozzi, A. Savino, I. Antonucci, V. D’Adorante, L. Stuppia, F. Chiarelli, L. Breda (Italy).  
79 The role of oxidation in FSL-1 induced signaling pathways of atopic dermatitis model in HaCaT keratinocytes. I.K. Carmi, R. Haj, H. Yehuda, S. Tamir, A.Z. Reznick (Israel).  
80 TGF-β and SMADs mRNA expression level in pulmonary sarcoidosis. W.J. Piotrowski, J. Kiszałkiewicz, D. Pastuszak-Lewandoska, A. Antczak, P. Górski, M. Migdalska-Sęk, W. Górski, K. Czarnecka, E. Nawrot, E. Brzeziańska (Poland).  
81 Expression of HIF-1A/VEGF/ING-4 axis in pulmonary sarcoidosis. W. J. Piotrowski, J. Kiszałkiewcz, D. Pastuszak-Lewandoska, P. Gorski, A. Antczak, M. Migdalska-Sęk, W. Górski, K. Czarnecka, D. Domańska, E. Nawrot, E. Brzeziańska (Poland).  
82 Colistin inhalation for treatment of lung infections – indications beyond cystic fibrosis. R. Siekmeier, Th. Hofmann, G. Scheuch (Germany).  
83 Hypoxic chemoreflex in parkinsonism: Role of peripheral vs. central dopamine. M. Bialkowska, P. Boguszewski, M. Pokorski (Poland).  
84 Product failures in respirators and consumables - Analysis of field safety notes published by the BfArM 2005-2013. J. Hannig, R. Siekmeier (Germany).  
85 Respiratory tract and olfactory function in granulomatosis with poliangitis. K. Życinska, M.Straburzynski, A.Nitsch-Osuch, T. M. Zielonka, R. Krupa, K.A.Wardyn.  
86 Helicobacter pylori infection and disease activity in pulmonary granulomatosis with poliangitis (GPA). K. Zycinska, R.Krupa, M. Hadzik-Błaszczyk, A. Nitsch-Osuch, T.M. Zielonka, K.A.Wardyn (Poland).  
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 – 14.00 Session X: Diagnosis, therapy, case reports.
Chair: A. Doboszyńska and A. Żebrowska
87 Primary prosthetic voice rehabilitation in patients after laryngectomy: applications and pitfalls. V. Calkovsky, A.Hajtman (Slovakia).  
88 The role of inspiratory muscle training in the process of rehabilitation of patients with COPD. M. Majewska-Pulsakowska, K. Wytrychowski, K. Rożek-Piechura (Poland).  
89 Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Case report. A. Adejanowa, A. Doboszyńska, B. Tuyakov, M. Wachulski (Poland).  
90 Relationships between climatic condition and pneumatization of the frontal sinuses. A. Gawlikowska-Sroka, Dzięciołowska-Baran, A. Tomaszewska (Poland).  
91 Usufulness of high resolution computed tomography in diagnosis of pleural empyema in pediatric patients. U. Zaleska-Dorobisz, M. Łasecki, C. Olchowy, M. Patyk, Ł. Gojny, D. Patkowski (Poland).  
92 Immune activity is altered in autism spectrum disorder. I. Tonhajzerova, I. Ondrejka, M. Mestanik, P. Mikolka, I. Hrtanek, A. Mestanikova, I. Bujnakova, D. Mokra (Slovakia).  
93 The role of mediastinoscopy in the diagnosis of thoracic disease: a one-year single center experience. M. Chabowski, A. Szymanska-Chabowska, J. Skotarczak, D. Janczak Jr, L. Pawlowski, D. Janczak (Poland).  
94 Comparison of small bore catheter aspiration vs. chest tube drainage in the management of spontaneous pneumothorax – a prospective, randomized study. P. Korczyński, K. Górska, R. Krenke, J. Nasiłowski, R. Chazan (Poland).  
95 Shoulder ring complaints as a rare first symptom of malignant pleural mesothelioma. J. Lorkowski, O. Grzegorowska, A. Kotela, W. Weryński, I. Kotela (Poland).  
96 The usefullness of diagnostic algorythms in making diagnosis of exudative tuberculous pleuritis. J. Klimiuk, R. Krenke, R. Chazan (Poland).  
97 Small closed pneumothorax conjugated mechanical-fluid analysis using fast modeling MES 3D method. J. Lorkowski, M. Mrzygłód, O. Grzegorowska, I. Kotela (Poland).  
98 Foreign body in airways. A case of a woman with myasthenia. E. Malinowska, J. Dąbrowska-Kruszewska, A. Doboszyńska, M. Stangiewicz, K. Gugała, M. Biernacki (Poland).  
99 Mesenchymal stem cell therapy and lung diseases. K. Pawelec , D. Gładysz, M. Matysiak, D. Bruczkowski (Poland).  
100 The standards of tonsil size in ultrasound examination among children with respiratory diseases. Ł. Gojny, M. Łasecki, M. Patyk, C. Olchowy, U. Zaleska-Dorobisz, I. Pirogowicz (Poland).  
14.00 – 15.30 Farewell Lunch
Lecture Hall – ‘Drink Bar’
09.15 – 11.00 Session XI: Respiration in non-respiratory pathologies
Chair: E. Carmeli and A. Gawlikowska-Sroka
101 Effect of physical therapy on muscle strength, respiratory muscles and functional parameters in patients with intensive care unit-acquired weakness. E. Carmeli, O. Yosef-Brauner, N. Adi, T. Ben Shahar, E. Yehezkel (Israel).  
102 Evaluation of apoptosis in experimental models of respiratory failure. S. Balentova, P. Kosutova, H. Pistekova, L. Tomcikova, M. Adamkov, A. Calkovska, D. Mokra (Slovakia).  
103 Relationships between tobacco abuse and self-assessment of health. A. Gawlikowska-Sroka, E. Dzięciołowska-Baran, J. Szczurowski (Poland).  
104 Dizziness of vestibular dysfunction in children in the course of respiratory system infections. E. Dzięciołowska-Baran, A.Gawlikowska-Sroka (Poland).  
105 The effect of increasing glucose disturbances on plasma oxidant-antioxidant balance in obstructive sleep apnea patients. E. Wysocka, A. Płóciniczak, S. Cofta, M. Zowczak-Drabarczyk, T. Piorunek, H. Batura-Gabryel, M. Pioruńska-Stolzmann (Poland).  
106 The potential of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. D. Gładysz, K. Pawelec, D. Boruczkowski (Poland).  
107 Comparison of small-volume conventional mechanical ventilation vs. high-frequency oscillation on the lung functions in a model of meconium aspiration syndrome. L. Tomcikova Mikusiakova, H. Pistekova, P. Kosutova, P. Mikolka, A. Calkovska, D. Mokra (Slovakia).  
108 Comparative expression of apoptotic markers in lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. I. Porębska, E. Sobańska, E. Wyrodek, R. Jankowska (Poland).  
109 Limitation of education of medical personnel on the flu vaccination coverage. T.M. Zielonka, M. Szymańczak, J. Jakubiak, A. Nitsch-Osuch, K. Życińska (Poland).  
110 Metabolism of adipokins in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease depending on nutritional status. G. Stupnytska, A. Stupnytska (Russia).  
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break
11.30 – 14.00 Session XII: Respiratory Health
Chair: D. Kurpas and K. Życińska
111 The impact of exacerbations on the quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. R. Rubinsztajn, T. Przybyłowski, M. Maskey- Warzęchowska, K. Karwat, R. Chazan (Poland).  
112 Does extreme environments affect the mood states? R. Ruffini, A. Mazzatenta, V. Verratti, L. Bortoli, C. Di Giulio (Italy).  
113 Unmet needs of patients with chronic respiratory diseases within primary health care. D. Kurpas, I. Wroblewska, K. Kassolik, W. Andrzejewski, A. Athanasiadou, B. Mroczek (Poland).  
114 Factors influencing utilization of primary health care services in patients with chronic respiratory diseases. D. Kurpas, M.M. Bujnowska-Fedak, I. Wroblewska, A. Athanasiadou, B. Mroczek (Poland).  
115 Association of allergic diseases in female university students with socioeconomic factors and markers of estrogen levels. I. Wronka, K. Klis, K. Jarzebak (Poland).  
116 Assessment of the quality of life among patients who have bronchial asthma and live in Krakow in areas with varying concentrations of particulate matter (PM10). M. Ścibor, J. Zawierucha (Poland).  
117 Factors influencing the incidence of hospitalization and readmission of the elderly patients with chronic respiratory disorders. I. Wróblewska, B. Mroczek, J. Błaszczuk, D. Kurpas (Poland).  
118 Plasma oxidative stress markers in obstructive sleep apnea severity in normoglycemic males. S. Cofta, M. Nowicki, E. Wysocka, T. Piorunek, M. Kostrzewska, H. Batura-Gabryel, L. Torliński (Poland).  
119 Psychological correlates of increased pulmonary obturation and restriction in patients with asthma and allergy. I. Pirogowicz, A. Żurek, A. Pirogowicz.  
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14.00 – 15.30 Farewell Lunch
Late afternoon - Visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort and sightseeing of the historical mine tourist route (both underground – free of charge).
Ask the organizers in Wieliczka about the sightseeing options in Wieliczka, Cracow,
or Auschwitz on Sunday – October 19, 2014.