Welcome Note

Good day!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to invite you to present you latest research and to share your clinical and scientific expertise at the upcoming ‘Advances in Pnumology’ conference to be held on October 12-13 this year in Opole, Poland.

The conference draws upon the tradition of German-Polish exchanges of clinical expertise in the field of pulmonary disorders, which used to appear in coal mining regions of both countries in the bygone times. Traditionally, therefore, the conference covers, but is not limited to, a broad spectrum of pulmonary disorders. The focus is laid on a blend of basic and clinical evidence-based research and it is thought to promote the translation of science into clinical practice. Nowadays, the conference has become a renowned platform for professional academic exchange and discussion. Expert speakers will give insightful updates on current research and developments in clinical diagnostics, pharmacotherapy, patient quality of life, rehabilitation, and health care. The conference is addressed to physicians, family doctors, and all allied health professionals. It takes place in a remarkably thriving environment of Opole Medical School and Opole City, which you would surely enjoy.

The details of the conference are here to be found: http://www.pneumology.pl

Kindly avail your participation by registering and submitting the abstract at the conference homepage above indicated.

Welcome to the Conference.

Mieczyslaw Pokorski